Tenth Anniversary Issue of Lucidity Letter

Copyright 1991 by Lucidity Association

Letter from Jayne Gackenbach, Past Lucidity Letter Editor

Letter from from Elinor Gebremedhin, New Lucidity Editor

Part I: The Experience of Lucid Dreaming

Introduction Harry Hunt

From the Beginning Through Feast or Famine Krisanne Gray

Lucid Dreams and Out-of-Body Experiences: A Personal Case Father "X"

Reflections on 20 Years of "Conscious" Sleep Experiences Father "X"

Problems Related to Experimentation While Dreaming Lucidly George Gillespie

Dream Lucidity Induction and ControlAlan Worsley

Induction of Ecstatic Lucid DreamsDaryl E. Hewitt

Ordinary Dreams, Lucid Dreams, and Mystical ExperienceGeorge Gillespie

Conscious Mental Stillness in Dreams... Elinor Gebremedhin

Awake in the Dark: Imageless Lucid Dreaming Linda L. Magallón

Experimentation With The Vortex Phenomenon in Lucid Dreams Kenneth Moss

A Journal of Attempts to Induce and Work with Lucid Dreams: Can You Kill Yourself While Lucid?Bruce G. Marcot

Terminology in Lucid Dream Research Charles Tart

"Dreams, Illusions, Bubbles, Shadows:" Awareness of "Unreality" While Dreaming Among Chinese College Students Myrna Walters & Robert Knox Dentan

Conversation Between Stephen LaBerge and Paul Tholey in July of 1989 Stephen LaBerge, Paul Tholey, & Brigitte Holzinger (Ed.)

Part II: Lucidity and Related States

IntroductionHarry Hunt

Section A-1: Altered States - Near-Death Experiences

Dream Lucidity and Near-Death Experience: A Personal Report John Wren-Lewis

Near Death, Near Dream George Gillespie

CODE BLUE: A New Beginning Mark Block

Section A-2: Altered States - Out-of-Body Experiences

Reflections on Lucid Dreaming and Out-of-Body Experiences Father "X"

Comments on OBEs and Lucid Dreams Stephen LaBerge

Lucid Dreams and OBEs Susan Blackmore

Section B: Meditation

Lucid Dreams and Meditation Harry Hunt

Discussion Between Charles Tart and Lucidity Letter Editor, Jayne Gackenbach, Examining Similarities Between Dream Lucidity Witnessing and Self-Remembering Charles Tart & Jayne Gackenbach

A Conceptual and Phenomenological Analysis of Pure Consciousness During Sleep Charles Alexander

Psychological Content of "Consciousness" During Sleep in a TM Practitioner Jayne Gackenbach & William Moorecroft

A Buddhist Perspective on Lucid Dreaming Tarab Tulku XI

Section C: Mystical and Divine Experiences

Differences Between Lucid and Nonlucid Ecstatic Dreaming Elinor Gebremedhin

Dream Light: Categories of Visual Experience During Lucid Dreaming George Gillespie

Experiencing the Divine in the Lucid Dream State Farib Bogzaran

East Meets West, Buddhism Meets Christianity: The Lucid Dream as a Path for Union Kenneth Kelzer

Part III: Empirical Work

Introduction Stephen LaBerge

Section A: Induction

The Problem of Induction: A Panel Discussion Robert Price, Stephen LaBerge, Christian Bouchet, Roger Ripert & Joseph Dane

Induction of Lucid Dreams, Including the Use of the DreamLight Stephen LaBerge & Lynne Levitan

A Comparison of Waking Instruction and Posthypnotic Suggestion for Lucid Dream Induction Joseph Dane & Robert Van de Castle

Section B: The Sleep Laboratory

Physiological Mechanisms of Lucid Dreaming Stephen LaBerge

H-Reflex in Lucid Dreams Andrew Brylowski

EEG Activity During Lucid Dreaming Robert Ogilvie, Kevin P. Vieira & Robert J. Small

Neurophysiological Order in the REM Sleep of Participants of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program Jan M.R. Meirsman

Section C: Predisposing Factors and Individual Differences

An Estimate of Lucid Dreaming Incidence Jayne Gackenbach

Sex Differences in Lucid Dreaming Self-Reported Frequency: A Second Look Jayne Gackenbach

Lucid Dreams and Viewpoints in Imagery: Two Studies Susan Blackmore

Manifest Content Analysis of Sleep Laboratory Collected Lucid and Nonlucid Dreams Jayne Gackenbach

Validation of Lucid Dreaming in School Age Children Deborah Armstrong-Hickey

Part IV: Theoretical Approaches

Introduction Jayne Gackenbach

The Multiplicity of Dreams Harry Hunt

Single-Mindedness and Self-Reflectiveness: Laboratory Studies Alan Moffitt, Sheila Purcell, Robert Hoffmann, Roger Wells & Ross Pigeau

Dreaming: Lucid and Non David Foulkes

Reply to Foulkes Stephen LaBerge

From Lucid Dreaming to Pure Consciousness: A Conceptual Framework for the OBE, UFO Abduction and NDE Experiences Jayne Gackenbach

Part V: Historical Perspectives

Introduction Jayne Gackenbach

An Historical View of Dreams and the Ways to Direct Them: Practical Observations by Marie-Jean-Leon Lecoq, Le Marquis d'Hervey-Saint-Denys C.M. den Blanken & E.J.G. Meijer

Freud, van Eeden and Lucid Dreaming Robert Rooksby & Sybe Terwee

Senoi, Kilton Stewart and The Mystique of Dreams: Further Thoughts on an Allegory About an Allegory G. William Domhoff

The Selling of the Senoi Ann Faraday & John Wren-Lewis

Techniques and Antecedents: A Response to Giesler Robert Knox Dentan

Overview of the Development of Lucid Dream Research in Germany Paul Tholey

Interview with Celia Green, Author of the 1968 Classic, Lucid Dreams Celia Green & Jayne Gackenbach

Patricia Garfield's Pathway to Ecstasy Re-Released: An Interview Patricia Garfield & Jayne Gackenbach

Keith Hearne's Work on Lucid Dreaming Keith Hearne

Alan Worsley's Work on Lucid Dreaming Alan Worsley

Part VI: Applications

Introduction Stephen LaBerge

Section A: Clinical Issues

Mental Health Applications: A Panel Discussion Patricia Garfield, Judith Malamud, Jean Campbell, Ann Sayre Wiseman & Gordon Halliday

Some Relations Between Clinical and Transpersonal Approaches to Dreams Harry Hunt

Training for Lucid Awareness in Dreams, Fantasy, and Waking Life Judith Malamud

Limitations in the Utility of Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control as Techniques for Treating Nightmares Kathryn Belicki

The Phenomenological Use of Dreams in Psychotherapy P. Erik Craig

Letter to the Editor [The Importance of Lightheartedness] Paul Tholey

Clinical and Transpersonal Issues With Lucid Dreaming Voiced Jayne Gackenbach

Response to Gackenbach Stephen LaBerge

Letter From Scott Sparrow G. Scott Sparrow

Ethical Issues for Applications of Lucid Dreaming: An Introduction Joseph Dane

Section B: Other Applications

Applications of Lucid Dreaming in Sports Paul Tholey

The Creative Process: Paintings Inspired from the Lucid Dream Fariba Bogzaran

Healing Through Lucid Dreaming Stephen LaBerge

A Personal Experience in Lucid Dream Healing E.W. Kellogg, III

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