Here are some links related to the areas of transpersonal inquiry included in this site which I have found valuable in my travels on the internet. As I discover more sites I will add them to this listing. Please also feel free to recommend a site which might be valuable for me to list here.

Jayne Gackenbach, Ph.D.

Sleep/Dreams/Lucid Dreams

Association for the Study of Dreams - This is a professional society which is devoted to inquiries into dreams from a variety of disciplines and from a variety of approaches.

Central Premonitions Registry - If you think you have had a dream which may come true, why not register it?

Dream Network Journal - This is a longstanding newsletter/journal with an eye to grassroots readership.

Dreamgate - This is the site developed and maintained by my cyber-guru, Richard Wilkenson. Lots of links from here to the online dream community.

Electric Dreams - This is an ezine devoted to dreams. It comes out monthly and can be sent to your e-mail address.

Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams, Table of Contents - This classic in the field is now available online.

Lucidity Institute - Founded by Stephen LaBerge, you will find a lot of information and products about lucid dreaming.

Sleep Home Pages: Brain Information Service - This is an informative cite for more information on sleep by the well respected Brain Information Service.

Sleep Medicine Home Page - Another well done sleep site.

Teaching Clinical Psychology - Working (and playing) with Dreams - A good brief and basic view of dreamwork techniques.

The Quantitative Study of Dreams - Bill Domhoff, Ph.D., developed this site in order to demonstrate the utility of quantitative approaches to dream study.

Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreams - This is an online, 6 week course which is web based and noncredit. It is designed for the person interested in dreams who wants an introduction and contact with a dream authority as well as dream assignments.

Transpersonal Perspectives

Epistemology, Consciousness, & the Mind - This is a wonderful site with lots of cross indexing to other sites and access/references to some of the best cutting edge thinkers.

The Association For Transpersonal Psychology - One of the best organizations for the study of the transpersonal perspective.

Transhuman Page - This is a creative page with an emphasis on techno-consciousness.

Leading Light Links

This is a rather unusual list of links. These are folks who have I have had the good fortune to know and work with over the 20+ years of my professional career studying dreams and the development of consciousness. In most cases there are photos of the individuals which were taken by me but in some cases there is no image. I can personally recommend the work of these individuals and appropriate links are offered. Among them are some well known individuals and some not so well known. If personal recommendation based on who an individual is matters to you then these links should be useful.

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