Part V:   Historical Perspectives



Athabasca University and University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

Many historically significant papers have appeared for the first time on the pages of Lucidity Letter. We have defined this section primarily as investigations of lucid dreaming prior to and including the first sleep laboratory studies by Hearne and Worsley in Great Britain and Stephen LaBerge in the United States. Their work was basically the turning point; an explosion of experimental, theoretical, and clinical work into lucid dreaming followed. Until the mid-1970's individuals such as Marquis d'Hervey-Saint-Denys, Frederik van Eeden, Paul Tholey, Celia Green, and Patricia Garfield worked in virtual isolation in their considerations of this remarkable dream experience. Then with the ground-breaking work of Stephen LaBerge the "field" of lucid dreaming took off (see several papers in the Empirical Work section). Now there are numerous books out on the topic as well as a reference list that numbers well over 100 sources (see past issues of Lucidity Letter for all the bibliographic citations). Also included in this historical section is a series of three papers on the Senoi controversy.

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