Part II:  Lucidity and Related States



Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

One of the things that has made the study of lucid dreaming more insular than it needed to be is the tendency among enthusiasts and critics alike to treat lucid dream-ing as totally unique and unparalleled. A major and contributing virtue of Lucidity Letter has been its editorial heeding of early reports from Oliver Fox and Celia Green that lucid dreaming is part of a continuum of transformations of consciousness oc-curring in settings broader than ordinary night dreaming. The following articles make clear that there is an overlap in both phenomenology and neuro-cognitive processes between the varieties of lucidity and prelucidity, on the one hand, and out-of-body experience, UFO abduction accounts, near death experience, meditation and mysti-cal experience, on the other. It becomes more and more clear that lucid dreaming is one variant of a family of consciousness transformations open to the mind.

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